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Etch Empathy is a non profit social enterprise in Singapore that aims to reduce inequality by connecting those in need with those who have. We do not do this alone, we mobilise people, private and public sector to alleviate poverty together and sustain the effort by cultivating empathy.  


  • Rise Against Poverty

    Connecting Those In Need With Those Who Have

  • Fortitude Culina

    Culinary Arts for the Blind

  • Youth Development

    Youth Expedition Project (YEP) & YEP Leadership Training Course Provider

  • Empathy Building

    Simulated Social Experiences

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Develop Empathy while doing good

At Etch Empathy, we specialise in conducting simulations for educators, students, and employees to challenge prejudices, discover commonalities and think of better ways to empower vulnerable communities in Singapore such as the visually impaired, deaf, elderly, and low income.




We care for Singapore and ASEAN

Join us to alleviate poverty, one family at a time.
Youth Expedition Project Leadership Training Course

We are not just a trainer, we are a group of experienced community developers and leadership practitioners. I am signing up

Rise Against Poverty

Are you a Corporate or Educational Institution? Partner with us for the collection & redistribution of pre-loved items for families in need.Yes I want to partner you

Youth Expedition Projects

Are you between the age of 18 to 35 and is looking to deepen your knowledge and heart skills in the poverty or disability sector? Join our youth development program.I want to join

Empathy Building

Many volunteers find their volunteering experience more meaningful after going through our emotion provoking social experiences.I need more Empathy

Connect with us

Have an idea? Interested in our work? Have a question? Contact us via e-mail at admin@etch.sg, or simply drop us a message below.

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