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At Etch Empathy, we believe in a world without poverty where there is social inclusion for everyone, including the vulnerable communities.

To achieve what we believe, we bring about the awareness of the social challenges faced by the poor, the visually impaired, the deaf and the seniors. Using authentic stories, we design multi-sensory experiences that activate our participants' thoughts & emotions, allowing them to look at the world through the lens of others.

Our programs can prepare participants’ to engage their head and heart in connecting with their family, friends and community.

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  • 3095 Participants

    Experienced our programs

  • 10 Persons with Disabilities

    Meaningfully employed as facilitators

  • 3 Countries

    Community Outreach in Singapore, Cambodia, Laos

National Youth Council Singapore Youth Corps Singapore YEC YMCA of Singapore Temasek Junior College Peirce Secondary School St Nicholas Girls School Dunman High School SINDA National University of Singapore Nanyang Technological University Singapore Singapore Kindness Movement Singapore Polytechnic ITE West Trybe Lakeside Family Services Microsoft Guide Dogs Association of the Blind

Studies show that our simulations has 'a positive effect in improving their ability to provide solutions to people' in the community.

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Step into the shoes of others

Step into the shoes of others, See the world through their eyes
Poverty Escape Simulation

In our poverty simulation, participants will assume the role of someone living below the poverty line. Together with other members of their family, they’ll struggle to earn enough for their basic needs from week to week. Learn what it means to live below the poverty line.

Learning in the Dark, Blind Simulation

How do you cope without your sense of sight? Navigating from place to place would require the use of your other senses. What are the details you look for when being given directions to a place? Our Blind guides will show you how to navigate through a world without the sense of sight, and share their experiences with you at the end of the journey.

Listen, Deaf Simulation

The ability to hear, to LISTEN, is something that a lot of us take for granted. What happens when we take away your ability to LISTEN? How do you order food? What about emergencies? Be guided by our Deaf facilitators as you navigate through these scenarios, and LISTEN to them share their experiences and difficulties.

Aging, Elderly Simulation

Old is gold. Age is just a number. Are these a true reflection of aging? During the Aging Simulation, you put on an aging suit and experience physiological changes to your entire body. Widen your perspective of our aging society and learn more about the joys and challenges of aging.


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Our Programs

We have various programs tailored for different groups. Find out more about our programs.


  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Building Empathy - Simulation & Serve
  • Teachers' Development
  • Design Thinking
  • Service - Learning
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  • Building A Culture of Empathy
  • CSR - Simulation & Volunteer
  • Team Bonding or Staff Retreat
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  • Team Bonding or Staff Retreat
  • Donors' Engagement
  • Volunteers' Training
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  • Be a Human Book
  • Channel Empathy Podcast - In Development
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Our Team

Aaron Yeoh
Aaron Yeoh
Co-Founder & CEO
A strong believer in humanitarian aid, Aaron setup ETCH Empathy with Pin Qi and jointly they overseas the development and implementation of strategies for Etch Empathy to fulfil its vision of a more humane and inclusive Singapore through planting seeds of empathy in youths and supporting community causes.
Lee Pin Qi
Lee Pin Qi
Pin Qi is a passionate service learning practitioner, with more than 8 years of experience, who believes in empowering youths to do good well. Combining the essence of Design Thinking with Service Learning Principles, she co-designs and co-delivers the simulation programs with Aaron and the community.
Lawrence Wee
Lawrence Wee
Board Advisor
Corporate Relations
Joe Mitchell
Joe Mitchell
Board Advisor
Organisation Development
Born in London England, Joe is a strategist and hands on driver in delivering operational excellence, through the management of business projects, process improvement and organizational change. With extensive International and Asia Pacific experience, Joe has a proven track record of defining and deploying best practices in operational excellence, for organizations such as British Airways, T-Mobile, Tesco Retail and RS Components.
Sanjay Chaudhari
Sanjay Chaudhari
Board Advisor
Marketing & Communication
Sanjay has been in the Advertising Industry for almost 24 years. Sanjay’s experience spans a diverse portfolio of clients that include multiple Fortune 500 brands such as Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Colgate Palmolive, Coca-Cola, American Express, Motorola and Philips. His multi-faceted insights to consumer behaviour was gained through assignments in diverse markets across the world.
Zoe Burkitt
Zoe Burkitt
Social Media Executive
Isabel de Laiglesia
Isabel de Laiglesia
Community Development Project Executive
Isabel has worked in Corporate and Business divisions within a big company and in an International NGO as a volunteer. She enjoys working in multidisciplinary groups because the different points of view always help to obtain better results, and make sure that everything is taken into account.
Li Yihe
Li Yihe
Creative Executive
Joshua Tseng
Joshua Tseng
Marketing & Communication Executive

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