Why ETCH Empathy Exist?

Aaron and daughter

ETCH Empathy was started in 2013 by current CEO, Mr Aaron Yeoh (Pictured left)

During my primary school days, my dad’s business venture with his siblings went bankrupt and he had to sell away his private property and car. My parents could not buy a public housing in their name and we borrowed our relative‚Äôs name to get public housing. Constantly we face discrimination from relatives and also fear that the authorities would find out about this illegal transaction. During the 2009 financial crisis, seeing people going into poverty set me thinking of my life journey and my future. I began to read and research on how social enterprise can help transform society. One of the books that I read was about Prof Muhammad Yunos on his work and impact for the poor. The insight that I gather is empathy. The ability to empathise is the key to a more humane society. Since then I started to chart my own journey and started a social enterprise, Etch Empathy.

Aaron’s work in the social and youth sector

Aaron have been involved in the youth and community development sector since 2009. His experience span from nurturing youths in community leadership, equipping them to be more emphatic, building their socially awareness to setting up social enterprises and charity in Singapore. The entities advocates, empower and benefit under served communities e.g. Visually Impaired (VI), seniors and single mums.

In 2013, he set up a Non Profit Social Enterprise, Etch Empathy with a mission to cultivate empathy and a vision of a world without poverty. With his good understanding of the social sector, it leads to the set-up of a training kitchen to provide culinary skills training for the blind and low vision. He is also involved in the formalisation and scaling up of a global movement, Cycling Without Age in Singapore for seniors to combat loneliness. His latest project involves hiring the visually impaired and ex-inmates as facilitators to impart social and emotional skills needed to survive in the 21st century economy.