Simulated Social Experiences

Cultivating Empathy

In our increasingly globalized world, people may be coming from different cultures and different socioeconomic backgrounds than before, thereby necessitating better developed empathy skills. And as future leaders, we must understand the people that we lead and be able to show that we care.

One learn best through play and our simulations have the capability to deliver that. After going through the simulations, participants will have a better understanding of different cultures of the marginalised communities hence is able to better match the needs needed on the ground with the available resources at hand. Such deep learning also allows cultivation of empathy in participants thus leading to strengthening of human relationship and community building both inside and outside organisation environment.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

“Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Trash to Cash

Together with other members of your impoverished family, participants try to earn enough to survive by making paper bags out of newspaper and glue. They must earn enough to pay for housing instalment, living expenses, medical needs and, if possible, education for the kids. Those that cannot make it end up in the hands of a social worker. This simulation programme throws participants into the hopelessness and intricacy of the poverty cycle.

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Blind Date

Participants are led into a “cafe”, in total darkness, by guides who are themselves visually impaired. Without sight, participants will learn to navigate using sound, touch and scent, and are invited to experience the creativity and extraordinary capabilities of the visually impaired.

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Deaf Simulation 2

Deaf Cafe

Participants are led into a “cafe”, in total silence, by guides who are themselves deaf or hard of hearing. Without speech, participants will learn to communicate in writing or sign language, and are invited to experience the culture and life of the guides.

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3G Bonding Game_003

Aging Experience

Participants experience aging by wearing an aging suit and other gears to restrict their mobility. With the additional weight, participants will experience the challenges of completing daily routine e.g. exercise, swallowing etc.

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