Rise Against Poverty




Etch Empathy takes high-quality items which Singapore no longer wants and redistributes to people in need, locally and internationally.

If you are in Singapore, you can organise a donation drive at your office or school by dropping us an email admin@etch.sg and we will work out a date for you.

We donate to charities who will in turn pass on to individuals in need. Please make sure the items donated are functional and even yourself will want as a passed on item as we want to minimise time in repairing and sorting so as to ship the items to people in need asap.

Depending on availability, we may also mobilise our volunteers to your premise to assist in the quality check, sorting and packing of the donated items if needed.


As much as we prefer, we humbly request our donors to deliver goods to our partnering charities. As a non profit our revenue stream is only from the social simulated experiences that we conduct and volunteers training for institutions.

WHY DELIVER: We are currently adopting a just in time model where delivery and redistribution happens on the same week to minimise storage space and cost.