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Cultivating Empathy into Youths

In our increasingly globalized world, people may be coming from different cultures and different socioeconomic backgrounds than before, thereby necessitating better developed empathy skills. And as future leaders, students must understand the people that they lead and be able to show that they care.

One learn best through play and our simulations have the capability to deliver that. After going through the simulations, participants will have a better understanding of different cultures of the marginalised communities hence is able to better match the needs needed on the ground with the available resources at hand. Such deep learning also allows cultivation of empathy in participants thus leading to strengthening of human relationship and community building both inside and outside school environment.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

Our Programmes


Poverty Simulation 2

Trash to Cash – Poverty Simulation

How can we understand the challenges faced by the poor? It’s time to experience poverty dining and poverty cycle with a single mum.

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Learning in the Dark – Blind Simulation

How do the vision impaired learn, go outdoors, and function in everyday life? Step into a world of darkness where our Blind Facilitators will shed light onto these issues for you.

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Deaf Simulation 2

Listen – Deaf Simulation

Experience an hour of silence. From ordering food to other basic sign language, our Deaf Facilitators will teach you the right gesture and immerse in their culture.

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Aging Simulation

3G Bonding Game 2

Research had shown that social isolation and loneliness are as deadly as obesity and smoking. In this experience, you will be given an aging suit and go through some physical challenges. These will be facilitated by seniors and after the physical activities, the seniors will then share with you how they overcome loneliness and social isolation.

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