Client Retention Using Empathy? Our Partnership with UBS Singapore – Empathy-driven programme simulates the struggle for survival

On June 23, we were privileged to collaborate with UBS Singapore to conduct a Poverty Escape Simulation for clients of the Swiss financial institution. The UBS Next Generation programme aims to help their clients manage inheritance. Etch Empathy was present to help youthssons and daughters of UBS clients experience the poverty cycle and emotions faced by the poor.

In our Poverty Escape experiential programme participants slip into the shoes of a person living in the slums of India, a country where over 20% of the population lives on less than $1.90 a day (data from The World Bank, 2011).

Youths experienced making money from literal scraps – briefly living the life of those on the opposite side of the financial fence. Difficult decisions had to be made during the simulation, placing priorities into perspective.

The simulation programme helped foster a greater appreciation for their familys hard-earned financial security, underscoring the importance of continuing to nurture their assets with the wealth management services offered by UBS.

As a non-profit organisation, Etch Empathys goal for 2017 was to bring our empathy programmes to businesses as part of their corporate social responsibility programmes. Our participation at the UBS 2017 Leadership Excellence and Development Series (LEADS) was an exciting first partnership with a global financial institution, working towards achieving our goals.

Our programmes have been used for youth development, staff development, social responsibility awareness, donors servicing and client engagement if youre interested to discuss how our other simulation programmes can benefit your organisation, kindly contact Mr Aaron Yeoh at or connect with us on LinkedIn.

About Etch Empathy

Etch Empathy is a non-profit organization (NPO) that specializes in attracting awareness towards the poor, the vision impaired, the deaf and the elderly using multi-sensory experiences that activate participants’ thoughts & emotions. For more information on Etch Empathy and its programmes, visit

About UBS Next Generation & LEADS

The UBS Next Generation programme is designed to help clients ensure their family wealth can be maintained for generations to come, and LEADS is a four-day workshop that helps graduates and undergraduates gain insights into everything from financial instruments and personal finance to career planning and business etiquette.


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