Building A Culture of Empathy

With economic value creation increasingly taking place within networks and multi-stakeholder settings,the ability to connect and relate to others becomes key factor of success.

Tension and disruption can be reduced by building an empathic culture within the organisation. Our program can facilitate a cultural transformation change by placing employees with strangers or communities that they hardly interact with in a vulnerable environment to have intimate dialogues.

Overtime this can build cohesiveness among employees, leading to improvement in productivity, innovation and enhancement of relationship with various stakeholders thus improving business bottomline.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Simulation & Volunteer

For a corporate to be an effective advocate for the vulnerable groups e.g. low-income, there is a need to build empathy, develop compassion and effectively mobilising other stakeholders to transform the world together.

To develop empathy, employees have to be socially aware by experiencing poverty through a poverty simulation. After going through this experience, employees collectively explore ways to align their own and company’s core strength with the relevant social needs and serve the beneficiaries to fulfil their basic human needs.

In the process of volunteering, employees connects and build a meaningful relationship between themselves and the beneficiaries. Once the ice is broken, beneficiaries will be sharing their lives, talents and passion to the employees.

A two way of service relationships can allow employees to better understand beneficiaries’ dreams, aspirations and this becomes a catalyst for co-designing and implementation of solutions with the beneficiaries for a better world.

Check out our simulations here.

Team Bonding or Staff Retreat Program

Keen to bond colleagues of different age groups to work together more effectively? We can create an atmosphere of sharing authentic stories, develop empathy, create openness and facilitate fun activities to help in bonding your team members.

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