Human Library in the Dark (Supporting Social Emotional Learning)

There is an old saying, “It takes a whole village to raise a child”. With changing family environment and weaker intergeneration relationships there is a greater need to nurture empathetic leadership in the next generation of children and youths.

And with exponential growth of information in the digital age, the ability to relate to others, collaborate, master change and overcome adversity (nurture emotional competencies) also becomes a key factor of success in life.

This program allows listeners to understand how the visually impaired individuals manage their emotions,  understanding own strengths, weakness and process of developing positive self concept, self worth and build meaningful relationships with others.

Simulation & Serve (Supporting VIA, ALP, LLP, CAS)

Students can do good better by stepping into the shoes of the others and experience the plight of the people in marginalised communities.

Our program starts with first engaging your students’ heart, allowing them to learn about the community that they are going to serve through a simulation. Using social narratives, we design multi sensory experiences, activating participants senses, thoughts & emotions, allowing them to look at the world through a different lens. After the simulation, students can effectively engage their head to align their core strengths and match to the needs of the community thus creating a positive and sustainable impact from volunteering. Check out our simulations here.

Experiencing a clear linkage between empathy and empathy to action leads to greater engagement for students to be a more socially responsibility individual.

Teachers’ Development Program

To broaden teachers’ horizons and strengthen their team spirit, we have custom-designed a half-day programme for teachers to go through our simulation programs. We aim to broaden teachers’ understanding of social issues thus empowering them to better facilitate and guide their students in CAS or CCE-VIA related projects.

Design Thinking Workshops


Service – Learning Workshops


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