Design Thinking for SINDA

Out on a field trip

We are privileged to be invited to conduct two sessions of Design Thinking for SINDA leaders in early January this year.

DT Workshop

Many people may not know that ETCH also conducts Design Thinking and Service Learning courses, besides running Simulation programs. The courses are designed to complement each other and reinforce empathy in our participants.

Prototyping tools

Our courses focuses on empathy and its applications. Particularly, in Design Thinking, we guided our participants through defined methods to empathise with the users. One of our participants, who was not new to Design Thinking, told us she gained new insights to the process of “Understand” through our field trip, which was something they have never done in a 1 day course. This experience taught us that there is value in experiential learning that we would not harness if we do not practice it.

Engaging the users


While 1 day course is definitely only long enough to scratch the surface, we really hope our practical methods would leave a lasting impression on our participants, and something they would turn to whenever they are problem solving.