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Cultivating Empathy in Workplace

Does your organisation believe in fostering empathy in your work culture? The ability to empathise with a world in need will allow employees to better understand co-workers, suppliers, investors and client. With improved human relationships and fostering a positive image of human spirit, an organisation can achieve sustainable success in the marketplace.

Our theory of change encompass the measurement of emotional health in your organisation to track skills development, nurture curiosity to promote the art of listening and openness, challenge prejudice & discover commonalities to cultivate respect & friendship for all mankind. Last but not least, having a meaningful CSR program will help build communities within and outside the organisation. Strategic volunteerism is also able to improve mental health and happiness of employees.

“Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Poverty Simulation

Trash to Cash

Experience poverty dining with single mums. Thereafter, together with other members of your impoverished family, realise what it is like struggling to earn enough for your monthly basic needs.

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Blind Date

Have communal meals with visually impaired individuals, listen to their life journey in total darkness.

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3G Bonding Game_003

3G Bonding Game

Experience aging and overcome challenges at 5 different stations within a given time. The team who collect the most number of stamps wins. Stamps can be accumulated at each station.

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