Facilitation Introduction Course

The approach of the workshop is “learning by doing”. Participants will learn facilitation through experience, being facilitated by an experienced facilitator first and then given the opportunity to facilitate the group and be evaluated. The workshop will be a good balance of theory and practical. No prior knowledge is necessary to participate in this course.

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By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

For Facilitation Course:

  • Understand the responsibility of a facilitator with S.P.O.T. (Space, Process, Outcome, Time)
  • Learn and use Kolb’s experiential learning cycle in designing a facilitation activity
  • Explore 6 types of questions that makes an effective facilitator
  • Apply ACTS framework during a facilitation process
  • Be aware of 3 learner and facilitator styles
  • Plan and conduct a facilitation session

For Service Learning Facilitation Course (In addition to the above):

  • Take home a package of Service Learning activities with the following themes:
  1. Challenging Assumptions/ Overcoming blindspots
  2. Valuing Perspectives
  3. Cultural differences/ values
  4. Importance of Planned Learning
  5. Reflection Tools

Tools introduced:

SPOT, Kolb’s experiential learning cycle, 6 types of questions, ACTS framework, 3 Learner & Facilitator Styles, Evaluation, Brain Writing (Idea Generation), Brain Storming (Idea Generation), Wandering Flip Chart, Dot Voting


Photo: Participant conducting a facilitation activity with the group

How do I apply?

We currently only run customised courses for organisations and do not have public runs.

Contact us with your requirements now.