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A World Without Poverty

Since 2013, thousands of youths, students, educators and office workers have experienced our programmes, but we only have one mission: Cultivating empathy for poverty eradication.

Etch Empathy is a non-profit social enterprise in Singapore that was fostered out of the desire for society to understand vulnerable communities. Participants of our simulation programmes experience first-hand the social challenges faced by the vision impaired, deaf, elderly, and low-income.

SEL – Social Emotional Learning

Our programmes are designed by certified EQ Trainer, structured with cultivating empathy in mind. By allowing participants to step in the shoes of target communities, our simulations help people establish a raw connection with the issues a vulnerable individual struggle with, challenge prejudices and discover commonalities.

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We are ETCH

ETCH: Empathic Thoughts, Compassionate Hands

Our Vision: A World Without Poverty

Our Mission: Advocate for the vulnerable communities, cultivating empathy and inspiring positive social actions in both children and adults.

Our Story

Our Beginnings

Etch Empathy was launched in 2013, and it all started here

Our Work

We have never stopped dreaming big. Read about our achievements and plans for the future here


The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) analysed the effects our programmes had on participants, and you can read their findings here. You can also read our FAQ on our programmes here.

Team Etch Empathy

Read about our little family that is dedicated to creating a world without poverty here