Aaron Yeoh (MR), Co-Founder

Aaron and daughter

This is Aaron and his daughter.

Aaron’s first attempt with humanitarian calling was in 2004, when the tsunami hit Asia. He was however rejected by the local organising VWO due to a lack of required skill set. Instead he was placed at the VWO’s call centre doing administrative stuff of the humanitarian work.

In 2009, he was given the opportunity to lead his first International Service-Learning (ISL) expedition, under National Youth Council’s Youth Expedition Project (YEP). It proved to be a life changing event and was a steep learning curve for him. Undaunted by his 2009 experience, he again led teams for humanitarian work and youth development in 2010 and 2013.

From the overseas exposure, Aaron began to realise the true meaning of a sustainable humanitarian work, which is the ability to empathise, learn and work collectively with local communities or beneficiaries in serving their needs. This is where his passion of setting up a Social Enterprise to cultivate empathy in Singapore was ignited.

During the last semester of 2012 in NUS, Pin Qi, a participant from Aaron’s first ISL approached him with the idea of planting seeds of empathy for youths and youth volunteers for humanitarian work. After much consideration with his spouse, Aaron decided to join Pin Qi and together they started ETCH Empathy in early 2013, with a shared vision of creating unique experiences for more humanity in this world.

Aaron is now a certified EQ Practitioner and Trainer, ready to make a difference.