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Receiving goods

Receiving goods (1)

What is Rise Against Poverty about?

Etch Empathy’s goal is to fight poverty together. Our focus is on children (0 to 16 years old). We want to redistribute pre-loved, high-quality items to the disadvantaged, locally and internationally.

What goods can we collect from you?

As our main focus is on children, we have clothes, storybooks and toys. However, if your organisation requires other goods apart from the three listed above, drop us an email at with what you require and we will do our best to source the goods for you.

Sometimes we receive donations that are not usable and/or we have to spend a lot of time sorting through the donations. Will you filter them for us before passing the goods on to us?

The sorting and packing process will be done together with the donation drive at the corporations. Leave that to us.